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Dear (soon to be) Scrapbook Friend,

Every year tens of thousands of eager people and crafters turn to scrapbook stores, professionals and consultants in search of easy, simple to learn, scrapbook systems.  Many of these so called professionals are also sometimes referred to as ‘pretend experts’ which are people who travel the globe and tell others how to do what they do…without ever having done it themselves.

Indeed, everyone knows a story of someone forking over a bunch of money for scrapbook page building advice or the ‘next big thing in kits’ without ever seeing any sort of return on their investment. On the other hand, there is one couple who have risen to the top of their profession as a ‘world class’ digital scrapbook design and training team... often referred to as ‘The Consultant’s Consultant.’

Their names are Wes and Kathy Waddell and if you can keep an open mind, and if you would like to easily learn how to scrapbook, increase the number of pages you get done each month, and get a much better payback from your training, then taking advantage of this INCREDIBLE ‘FREE’ GIFT may prove to be the most economical  and smart decision you have ever made.

You’re probably wondering why we are literally giving you $136.94 worth of Wes and Kathy’s best Scrapbook-Making information and advice for FREE (not even any S & H). It’s because of two reasons:

#1: We are still students of scrapbooking and page design techniques or advice ourselves.  We are always on the lookout for what's new and what really does work to make your scrapbook pages both easy to create and beautiful to look at.  So, we know how hard it is to find good training at both a reasonable price and on a schedule that meets your needs. 

#2: We have also become Certified Computer Scrap-a-holics and we are trying to get you “hooked” like we are! That’s right. We are shamelessly attempting to get you “addicted” to our easy to follow advice and templates. Look, if we truly can teach you to scrapbook and to create 10, 20 or more pages per month with our simple to use system and templates... you’d be silly not to continue, right? Of course!!

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Now, let me tell you what We’ve put together for you...

Hi Kathy,

I am from Holland, and scrapbooking is not very well known here. I had never heard of it, until I stumbled onto it on the web and fell in love with it. But how where all these people making such beautiful things? I had no idea, but that soon changed when I found your web-site.

I really enjoyed doing the Basic Computer Scrapbooking 101 mini-course I just kept going, not waiting for the next mail with the link to the next lesson. I just could not stop. It was ever so easy to follow. The instructions are very clear and it is written in a very pleasant manner. Yesterday I finished the second course [intermediate lesson] on text and it was fun to do.

Also I am amazed about the software. It is relatively simple to use, yet has a lot of possibilities. I made my first scrap page ever after I finished the Basic Computer Scrapbooking 101 course. So I would really like to thank you a lot for helped me on my way.

I am already looking forward to the next course [intermediate lesson.]

Thanks again,

Lilian Wunnink

Gift #1: You’ll receive a complete basic Digital Scrapbooking 101 course, complete with link to unlimited use software to use for the course and for your digital scrapbooks of the future.

This is a complete course that Wes and Kathy created to present locally in the Colorado Springs area from time to time to special groups. Kathy and Wes spent weeks trying out different software and tools before even putting this course together.

Now, I have to tell you, this particular course was a VERY unusual course from the start. While Kathy and Wes did talk about the specialty their best known for; breath taking scrapbook pages in minutes - that’s not all they talked about. For the first time ever, in a scrapbook course, they discussed the use of FREE Software and setup for creating these beautiful attention getting digital scrapbook pages.  The only FREE software we have found to date capable of achieving extraordinary multi-layered scrapbook page success.

They even included the templates and clipart shown in the extensively illustrated course so you can follow right along and "do it yourself" - the sort of “hands on” success information nobody ever takes into account for the student.... what it REALLY takes to go from total beginner to intermediate scrapbook expert, fast, even if you have little or no artistic abilities.

But don’t mistake any of this for “self-help pabulum.” This is hard-hitting, “learn by doing” how to computer scrapbook information. Easy enough for teens and seniors with little to no computer knowledge to follow, yet full of real how to do it right and get it done fast steps for those of advanced capabilities to move through quickly. 

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Here’s what Wes said, in his original letter, inviting his own Family and close Friends to the Course for the first time:

“This day might be the single most important day of your life, because I’m going to share with you my knowledge, Kathy's personal scrapbook success system, our capture the memories, preserve the lives stories and how to save both time and money on your scrapbooking strategies... EVERYTHING that has enabled us to capture and publish our own 30 years of memories and life together, to rise to the very top of not one but two professions, and to create our children and grandchildren's most treasured legacy.”

It's time to learn to preserve it, or lose it forever!

Here are a few of the ways that Wes and Kathy Waddell described the experience of how this digital scrapbook mini-course can supercharge your skills, skyrocket your abilities and secure your families most treasured memories forever:

  1. You will get “detailed, easy to follow” setup instructions that walk you through download, install and setup "for scrapbookers" for your new software.

  2. You will see how and create for yourself, actual examples and scrapbook pages of your own family and friends.

  3. You will even get the real truth of why digital scrapbooking is never an all or nothing process.  How you can make it anything you want or need it to be... even combine it with the old traditional hand scrapped pages if you choose.

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This is the first time ever that anyone has presented ALL of the “building blocks” of computer or digital scrapbooking at one time, in one place, integrated together with free software capable of even advanced scrapbook abilities. When you have a complete understanding of ALL these “building blocks”, you can at least equal their accomplishments and, as you wish, surpass them.

And let me even define the overall objective for you; it is achieving what we call A LITTLE BIT OF IMMORTALITY. This is how we see and live it:

  1. Being able to record enough of your families most treasured memories and feelings so that when your great, great, great grandchildren learn where they came from, they also get to experience all the feelings and emotions and really get a sense of knowing those that came before.

  2. Arranging your lifestyle to suit you. Being able to create these living stories on your own schedule, no matter how much or how little time you have.

  3. Having all your supplies ready at the drop of a hat. Stop and start your pages at a moments notice and create all the pages you need, anytime you need them without driving miles to a scrapbook store for supplies.

  4. Being and feeling completely free of any pressure, other than self-imposed pressure to create your finished scrapbooks and life stories.

  5. Not feeling guilty about the space needed for your scrapbooking.  Knowing that all the space you need is right there where your families computer already resides.  Being able to tease your spouse about the space their hobby takes up... that one's really priceless! ;-)

  6. Knowing that when your gone, you're not ever really gone.  That, like a favorite classic movie, from time to time your stories will be opened and passed on again to generations to come.  In that way, just a little of who you really were and what you enjoyed most will be carried on in others.

You Will Be Sorry If You Pass On THIS! Courses that don't have half of what this one does sell all over the Internet for $100.00 or more, but this one is yours FREE just for taking advantage of my gift to you.

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But Wait….There’s Plenty More!

Gift #2: A Full Years Membership to Wes and Kathy’s ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Scrapbook of a Lifetime Heritage and Genealogy templates:

Because we are Certified Scrap-a-holics…  and because we own the company!  For a ‘limited’ time we get to give away something that our stingy accountant thinks we are nuts to do, but we don’t care! Let me describe what we've set up for you.

For a full year you will receive unlimited access and unlimited downloads to's members area. 

How well do you really know those that are closest to you?

For that matter, how well do they know you?  Do they know what happened to you in High School that you'll never forget?  Do they know what your most treasured memory of your childhood is?

Well, that's what this area is all about... sharing stories and memories.  Your stories and your memories!  Many of them you probably haven't thought of in years.  Some you think about only during certain times of the year.  Some, you probably haven't ever told anyone before.

Isn't it time you shared what really makes you... YOU?

  • 132 Questions you and your future generations want to know

  • 132 Matching pages for your photos that go with the great stories

  • 132 Matching Journaling pages, just in case the story takes some telling

  • Most of all, your chance to capture the best stories you'll ever know... the stories of your life and the lives of your closest loved ones.

Whether you make it 48 pages, or more than 200. Current members refer to it as one intense life revealing memory in print, one they can take out and relive anytime they wish. The questions we provide are only a start.  Where it takes you and your descendents is totally up to you. Look, it’s LIFE! L-I-F-E!

Is Yours Recorded Yet?

You have a full year to download the template pages and create your photo journal scrapbook or your life's story.  You have a lifetime to create it if you save the digital scrapbook templates to your computer's hard drive.  Make as many books as you have stories for... Real Value: Priceless, Sold online now for $17.00

Isn't it time you get started...

before you forget what you still remember?

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As an ‘Elite’ PrincessCrafts Course Member, you will also receive regular course reminders... to help keep you on track - not too many though. This is in addition to the weekly scrapbook tips and articles we post on our exclusive Computer Scrapbooking 101 BLOG and NEWS LETTER.. PLUS - SPECIAL IN-DEPTH Scrapbooking REPORTS that that Wes and Kathy only share with their Members.

I’ll even bury you in “Special Perks ” with this FREE “Elite’ Digital Scrapbook Gift Membership Offer:

Bonus #1 & 2: As you can only imagine, Kathy and Wes have access to 1000's of Kathy's digital scrapbook page template designs and Hi-Resolution Kits.  For a limited time, they are making one set from each of the exclusive Platinum Membership areas and one of Kathy's best hi-res digital scrapbook kits available to our Digital Scrapbooking 101 Course Members. We really want you to see everything you've been missing until now. 

That's another 8 sets or 16 digital templates plus one of's Hi-res kits that you can literally make hundreds of different pages from. The kit sells right now on the site for $4.97 and you would pay more than $5.00 for the other fast scrap or quick build pages on the old fashioned sites that still sell by the set.  This makes it a true $9.97 value... Included at no cost with The Most Incredible FREE Digital Scrapbook Gift Ever.

Just as a note: the hi-res kit you get just happens to be the most popular 8.5x11 inch kit we sell on the ScrapbookKitsnBits site.

CAUTION: Once you go digital... your local scrapbook store is not going to be seeing much of you anymore and may just send out search parties :-)

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There’s Unbelievably Still More

(After all… this IS The Most Incredible FREE Digital Scrapbook Gift Ever!)

Bonus #3: FUN CRAFT PROJECTS! A downloadable e-book to keep the children entertained while you learn to scrapbook on the computer.  Value: $9.97

Projects include:

  • A new way to use old snapshots

  • Sunny Day window shelf

  • Home-made Beaded Candles

  • Create an Autumn Wreath

  • Alphabet Blocks

  • Creative costumes for Halloween & other occasions

  • and loads more.

While you're having fun... why shouldn't everyone else too? 

By the way, did I mention that digital scrapbooking makes a great activity for the whole family, especially mothers and daughters?  And it's a great way to talk to your teen about all the dumb things you did at their age and help them avoid life's little mistakes.  That, of course, is a whole other story though...

Total Gift Value: $136.94

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I suppose we should point out… just ONE really good idea, strategy, improvement, or kick in the butt you get from all of this can easily provide a HUGE savings in the amount of money you spend for you scrapbooks and it makes a great part time home business.  So many people have no desire to learn how to scrapbook, yet they all love the idea of baby books and their child's first years.  You could be the answer to their prayers.

To take advantage of THE MOST INCREDIBLE FREE Digital Scrapbook GIFT EVER you only need set up your account with username and password along with your contact information (for technical support only... no sales calls). Frankly, you’ve got to experience everything for yourself because anything we or anyone says just doesn’t matter until you try it and see if it fits you.

You can opt out and close your account at any time. You must be completely satisfied.  If not, I want you to cancel your membership.

I’m sure that once you experience THE MOST INCREDIBLE FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK GIFT EVER that we’ve arranged, you will discover just how easy and fast scrapbooking can be and you'll realize ways to bring out your hidden creativity while reducing unnecessary cost and stress in your life.

To get started simply fill out our online form (HERE) and once submitted, logon to your new account and start downloading all your FREE gifts and check out the first lesson of The Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course!

Best Wishes,

Kathy and Wes Waddell

PS: WE URGE you not to procrastinate. We ONLY have a limited number of The MOST INCREDIBLE FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK GIFT EVER memberships available to offer and once they’re gone…they’re gone!

PPS: Besides everyday that goes by WITHOUT preserving your most cherished memories is probably costing you a fortune in what you remember it felt like and what really happened to make everyone laugh so hard in the photo you took.

ONE LASTWORD OFWARNING: We all have egos. But I really hope you will not let your ego stand in the way of accepting money and time-saving advice from one of the best and most sought after Scrapbooking ‘Gurus’ in the world. Unless you are already “fat & happy,” thrilled with every aspect of your scrapbooks and photo albums, there is really no good reason NOT to accept our generous FREE digital scrapbooking gift.

To grab THE MOST INCREDIBLE FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK GIFT EVER before they’re all gone simply Fill Out the online form (HERE) and get started now (Note: If you order after they are all gone, we will promptly notify you by email.)


She’s been called the “Princess of Scrapbooks” because of her bright cheerful and fairytale like page designs.  With more than 15 years of scrapbook experience and more than 8 years of digital graphics design experience under her belt... you won't find a better qualified or talented scrapbook designer. 

Wes, on the other hand, is retired Air Force and brings more than 20 years of computer, space systems design and more than 10 years as a certified instructor to the team.  Kathy often says that if Wes can teach me, his own wife (without a divorce), then he can teach anyone to use the computer.

Married now more than 30 years with two grown kids and 5 grandkids so far... Kathy and Wes have not only the experience, but the genuine desire to help wherever and when ever they can.  We love working together and we love helping others to succeed.

Don't believe us... check out the contact information and call or write, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have... and it won't take us days to do it either.

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Kathy and Wes,

Thanks. You two always impress me. Great products and great service, hmm...must be great people.

Harriet S.

Woodway, TX


Hello Wes and Kathy!

I am thrilled to be a part of your new way to scrapbook. i am only so so with the computer but thanks to you I am learning very quickly.

Thanks again for your help. I loved the mini course and have been telling people already! They are all shocked at the digital pages I have done so far. I love it and do at least one layout a night. I am totally addicted! Thanks again for your help. It is wonderful to know that you really don't mind questions. It makes all the difference to me and I am sure to others. God Bless you both!!

Susan Hall

Prairie Grove, AR


Hi Kathy,

My name is Maria and i'm from Argentina, I registered on your website although i don't know anything about english, everytime I recieve a mail from you I ask my son (who is translating this right now) to read it to me so i know what new thing you are adding to the website. Scrapbooking is almost unknown here in Argentina and you are my best resource to get all the things i need for scrapbooking. So for that i want to thank you. You really help with al the things that you post on the web and i always find them really usefull.

Greetings from Buenos Aires,



Hi Kathy!

Thanks for checking in with me. I don't know of any other company, besides a hospital that does that.

I am putting together a year-book for my preschool children. It is my end of year gift to them. We have 19 all together. Thanks again for checking in. Have a great week and God bless.

Connie Finnigan

Olympia, WA

Dear Kathy,

I use your site every year to make a Powerpoint presentation of our 8th graders with at least 50 slides. Suffice it to say, our parents and children both love the final product, so much so, that it is now assumed as a yearly tradition.

Best Regards,
Sheila Garber

Saint Marks Episcopal School
Middle School Computer Teacher
Ft. Lauderdale, FL











Wes and Kathy at PrincessCrafts,

Just wanted to send a follow-up letter after our fundraiser. Our Grad Bash Scrapbooking Crop was held in Comstock, Michigan on Feb. 17th.

Your donation was a great contribution to it's success. We raised well over 1000 dollars for the Grad Bash to benefit the seniors graduating this year.

This crop raised the largest amount of money raised so far this year. We are already planning to continue this into a yearly crop to benefit Project Graduation.

Again, thank you for your generous donation to our cause.

Teresa Rietkerk
Victoria Johnson
Rachiel Hill


Wes and Kathy have the best digital scrapbooking site I have seen and they are constantly working on new ideas that get passed along to us. My Platinum membership gives me all of the best. But with all that being said, I would rather tell you about what I think is the really important part of Princess Crafts. It is Wes and it is Kathy. If you have a problem or a question they are there for you almost instantly. I would suppose you could find a lot of options out there online, but for me it's the human touch of knowing Wes and Kathy are there for you. If it were not for knowing they are there for you and customer support is their priority, they might just be an online digital scrapbooking site. (An excellent one as well.) But they are so much more than that. And I need to know that behind every transaction I do in this cyber world there is a human, a human that cares.

I have had no problems with Princess Crafts, but I certainly have had questions. And getting an answer more quickly that I even thought possible means more to me than anything. So if you want a digital scrapbooking site that has old fashioned customer service, you know, the way things used to be, this is the site for you.

Sandi Frankie

Gig Harbor, WA


Kathy and Wes,

Yes, I have learned sooooo much! But of course I'm still learning. I will be checking the website often. Oh yes Thanks so much for the freebies they are wonderful as all the sites are wonderful.

Ann Long

Fayette, AL


Hi, Kathy,

I have really enjoyed exploring your site. I don't think I have seen everything, there is so much offered in your membership. It is amazing! I work full-time and my husband is a minister, so I don't have a lot of free time. I am working on a book of my Sunday School class; an all about me book. I am new to scrapbooking and have learned a lot from your site. Thanks for all your hard work!

Judy Lancaster

Mountain View, AR


Dear Kathy,

My name is Tami, (bizzybee) and I have signed up for course and am slowly going through the tutorials. I am a rookie at this and loving it.

 First I want to thank you for the step by step guided tour you give. I really need that because not only am I new at digital scrap booking, I am also using my new pc for the 1st time (my son who is in college bought me a pc, printer,scanner and also PhotoShop and a few other programs). I have so much to learn.

We have a bakery and I have decorated cakes all my life. You don’t need a computer to make cakesJ

I thank you for your time and your fabulous site you do an amazing job. It means a lot to me that there are still people that care, and from spending time on your site, seeing all the great feedback from your members and not to mention all those freebies!, and the time you carefully take to teach others....

God Bless you!

Tami Bell
from Bell, Fla.



Kathy & Wes

Your scrapbooking site just keeps getting better and better. When I think how I started on your website and have seen all the development I can't iagine scrapbooking in any way but with your website. The thing that I have loved the best is the selection of templates in different colors. Sure gives one a good idea how your pictures will look as some pictures are brought out to the eye in a different color.

You know I can't let those GOLDEN WEDDING templates go by without telling you what a great job you did on them. I am going to think that I had some influence on your developmentof these sets. In any event I am going to use them [SOON LOL]



Kathy and Wes,

I love all the scrapbooking sites. I use the pages for just about everything I make. Not just for scrapbooking. Alot of great pages that help with any project you have going. I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into making it possible for other people to use and enjoy your creations. Joining this site was well worth the money and more. Thanks again so much.

Patty Lockard

Ammon, ID


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